Welcome to the conference on Deep Roots of Economic Growth: The Role of Geography, History and Institutions organized by the Associazione Italo-Americana American Studies Center and University of Naples Parthenope

September 18-19, 2017

Naples, Italy 

Keynote Speaker

Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale University), Antonio Ciccone (Pompeu Fabra University), Alexander Moradi (University of Sussex)

Scientific Committee:  Maria Rosaria Carillo  (University of Naples Parthenope), Antonio Ciccone  (Pompeu Fabra University), Rita De Diano (University of Naples Parthenope), Alfredo Del Monte (University of Naples Federico II),  Vincenzo Lombardo (University of Naples Parthenope),  Luca Pennacchio (University of Naples Parthenope), Neri Salvadori (University of Pisa), Alberto Zazzaro (Univpm, CSEF)

Local Organizers: Maria Rosaria Carillo (University of Naples Parthenope), Rita De Siano (University of Naples Parthenope), Alfredo Del Monte (University of Naples Federico II), Vincenzo Lombardo (University of Naples Parthenope), Luca Pennacchio (University of Naples Parthenope), Tiziana Venittelli (University of Naples Parthenope)